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What's your business struggling with?

Not receiving enough sales or leads from current traffic?

A variety of reasons may be the cause but our team will work with you to assist in increasing your traffic and optimizing engagement.

Traffic is not converting to leads?

The traffic you are receiving may not be the optimal traffic for your business. Let us help you identify and optimize traffic across a number of digital marketing channels.

Your site is not showing up on Google?

If your business does not appear on a simple Google search, opportunities are being left on the table. Many options exist to not only achieve this but also optimize using both organic and paid mediums.

Unsure of what exactly your current agency is doing?

Our methodology and processes include access to a dedicated dashboard showing a transparent view of the value being added to your business.

How We Can Help Your Business

A combined decades of experience from our team in managing subscription memberships taught us the importance of putting our customers first. For over 15 years, we have developed acquisition techniques, engagement strategies and analytically driven insights to achieve exceptional results with an increased Return On Investment.

We are results driven, let us put our expertise to work for you. We will create a strategy to come up with the best channels to optimize your results and achieve your goals.

Social Marketing

Social Media Management Services

We will assist you in navigating and making smart decisions regarding the focus of your media budget. With more than 10 digital media platforms available, we will help determine the mix for your business’ goals and maximization of your overall return on investment.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Social media channels will be managed by experienced marketing professionals that will drive the best results, while keeping your audience engaged, focusing on your core business.

Search Engine Optimization

Visibility in organic listing is a key success factor for any business. Let us show you how you can succeed in this space.

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Full Campaign Optimization

Successful digital marketing and email campaigns rely on many factors working perfect together. The funnel to turning a lead into a conversion usually involves multiple steps and factors. A potential customer will view an ad, click, be sent to a landing page, review the materials, and then convert. While A/B testing is useful, it does not take the entire funnel into account. Factorial Design Experiments, on the other hand, provides the most optimized funnel and conversion path for users.

Fan Analytics

For over a decade, Meteor Affinity’s expertise in marketing optimization has helped bring sponsors and brands closer to their passionate fan-base, unlocking previously untapped potential. Working closely with NASCAR over the years, Meteor Affinity was able to increase fan engagement, while assisting many sponsors to better reach and engage with the NASCAR audience. Our history working with affinity groups has taught us the power a brand has and how to better the relationship between brand and individual using data.

Advanced Analytics

Knowing your audience is important; however, we take it a step further. Having knowledge of an individual's actions such as opens, clicks and purchase behavior, we are able to segment and target into specific groups, anticipating their future actions based on previous ones.

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Email Marketing

Access to our Databases

Having access to our affinity email database to send a precise message to a highly engaged group of people, coupled with our advanced segmentation and testing strategies increases the ROI for a single or an ongoing marketing campaign.

Managing other Databases

Using vast learnings from our years of managing our own robust database, we offer services to help optimize yours. From preventing list fatigue to helping achieve the best ROI for your own internal campaigns, Meteor Agency is here to help you achieve the best value for your database.

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Other Capabilities

Lead Generation

With the goal of obtaining quality leads with a high chance of converting in the future, we use years of experience to optimize the lead generation process. Several approaches including giveaways, targeted lead social campaigns, and remarketing efforts to help to obtain an optimized group of qualified leads likely to convert.


Online video consumption continues to grow each year and shows no signs of slowing down. Video is a great platform to get your message across, and technology has removed many barriers to achieving high production value. With our production and editing experts, and our ability to incorporate 2D/3D motion graphics, we get the tough parts done for you. Our team of experienced video producers and writers love collaborating and creating the perfect script to tell your unique story.

Content Marketing

A content program plays a crucial role in driving brand awareness and trust, it's also a key part of improving your search engine optimization. Our team uses an SEO-based research process to build your program from scratch or improve your existing content in order to ensure that it is clear, relevant and keyword-rich. Whether it's through blogs, video, social media or podcasts, your entire content program should be designed to attract and engage your target audience and drive them to take action.

Full Web Design

According to a Nielsen study, 56% of people would not trust a company that did not have a website. Having a website instantly boosts your credibility as a legitimate business. Going further, a well-designed site will determine within seconds whether a user leaves your site or if they find what they are looking for and take action. Our design team combines the fundamentals of branding and aesthetics with a focus on usability. When building or redesigning a new site, we'll map out the site's objectives upfront so both teams are on the same page.

All of our websites are custom-designed, meaning we won't box you into any proprietary content management systems unless required or recommended. Additionally, all of our websites are built to look and perform beautifully on every screen shape and size.

Branding + Design

Consistent, reliable, professional - these are the attributes of strong brands. Branding is the emotion someone feels when they think about your business. Creating that emotion takes more than just talented designers. Our team will work to develop or strengthen your overall brand. We take the time to review the competitive landscape, research your desired audience and solidify your message to ensure your identity is in line with your audience's expectations.

Why Us?

Meteor Affinity consists of a small team that adapts quickly to the needs of our clients and marketing industry, in general. We pride ourselves on the past successes, lessons learned and tenured experience, using it to approach the continually changing landscape with tenacity.

Affinity Groups

15 years of experience using highly targeted methods to identify, and monetize fans from any affinity groups.

Flat fees & No contracts

Flat, predictable fees with no long term commitments.

Experienced Marketers

You will be working with people with at least a decade of marketing experience!

You own your Data

Any insights and/or metrics obtained from your marketing campaign will be able to go with you wherever you go.

Industry Expertise

Our team has more than 15 years of sports marketing expertise including facilitating and managing sports affinity groups, along with acquiring almost one million members.


Under one roof, our creative team resides along with an in house call center and fulfillment center allowing us to meet the needs of any campaign.

Latest Insights from our Team

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Case Studies

Our decades of experience have been trusted by brands such as

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